Aims and scope

Journal de Chimie Physique (JCP) covers all the major fields in which French chemical physicists are active: theoretical chemistry, chemical kinetics, electrochemistry, catalysis, organized media, spectroscopy, thermodynamics, polymers.

Journal de Chimie Physique (JCP) has ceased publication at the end of the year 1999.

Note from the publisher (1999)

The disappearance of Journal de Chimie Physique, after almost a century, is part of a general trend to replace national publications with international (European) ones to better compete with American publications.

As for the domains covered by the journal, Journal de Chimie Physique is expected to be incorporated into a new journal resulting from a cooperation between the French and the German Chemical Societies (SFC and GDCh) and published by Wiley-VCH. This journal, called ChemPhysChem will be launched in 2000 and will cover both Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry. In the field of chemical physics (experiment and theory), we are currently discussing with the French Physical Society on the possibility of increasing the number of Chemical Physics articles in The European Physical Journal (sections D and E) published by EDP Sciences, Società Italiana di Fisica and Springer-Verlag, under the auspices of the Italian, the French and the German Physical Societies.