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Significance of symmetry in the formation of impurity centers in molecular crystals

N.D. Curmei, G.V. Klishevich, V.I. Melnik and A.G. Tereshchenko
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Formation of Highly Oriented Domains of a Thiacarbocyanine Dye in a Monolayer at the Air−Water Interface

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Strukturen neuer SeII‐ und TeII‐Komplexe mit 2,2‐Dicyanethylen‐1,1‐dithiolat, 2,2‐Dicyanethylen‐1,1‐thioselenolat und 2,2‐Dicyanethylen‐1,1‐diselenolat

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A vibrational molecular force field of model compounds with biological interest—III. Harmonic dynamics of α- and β-d-galactose in the crystalline state

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